PLANNING vs. WORRYING: Get into the Ropes ‘n’ Live all your Nine Lives

PLANNED MASTERY COMES FROM DELIBERATE PRACTICE OVER A LONG TIME: This colourfully-dressed sista finishes a long stint in the double dutch ropes including pop-ups outside BAM in Brooklyn during the Dance Africa Bazaar Memorial Day Weekend 2013.

What if you put as much time in planning as you do in worrying about what happened?

How would that impact what’s next for you? How would you react when things — good or bad — come your way? Would the speed of your actions differ?

TAKE A MOMENT and consider where you spend the most mental energy.

It’s time to workout your mental fitness.

And remember Kyraocity/curiosity didn’t kill the cat but our own satisfaction can bring it back!!  #liveallyourninelives