Is there such a thing as Black Twitter? Seriously?

If there are 6.9 bilion ppl on planet, then there is enough room for all of us to find our niche within a network of friends and followers that works for us in social media. Given that, I would say that #BlackTwitter is an array of attitudes, affects, events, and happenings in the real-time web known as the Twittersphere (aka Twietnam). #blacktwitter includes people of African descent/identification but is not limited to that. It’s talking abt black stuff. It’s whites talking “black” politically, socially or other. It’s whites wanting to transform what it is to be white and privileged. It’s blacks who act white. It’s people of African descent who could careless abt being “black” who identify with and express other aspects of their identifications (i.e., sexuality, gender, ethnicity, nationality, age, education, etc.). It’s all this array and much, much more. It cannot be contained or collapsed into something about skin color difference. It’s more so about have the space to freely share about the politics of being black or African in the world at the individual and collective levels (and there are many not just one). #Blackness can be out in the open on Twitter for anyone and everyone (two important distinctions) to a) listen to and for and b) share about through retweets (RTs). Modified tweets (MTs), and open dialogue with key players or or closed dialogue through DMs. Lurkers and all.

That makes for talking black or even “being” black a much richer space/place of discourse than ever before. To me it’s less about fracturing humanity into races and more about transforming the conversations that keep race and racism in place. This ain’t moving the furniture around (fracturing something we inherited like mass media or broadcasting). It’s more like moving up to another floor of humanity (moving into a new strata of human development).