Risk and Opportunity

Just checked out a former colleague’s blog Clearing for Love. Cat writes:

“In the film Evan Almighty – there’s a scene in which God (Morgan Freeman) says, “If someone prays for patience, you think God gives him patience? or does God give them opportunities to be patience? If they pray for courage, does God give them courage? or does God give them opportunities to be courageous? …”
It may not have been the best movie I’ve ever seen, but this quote is right on. We’re given opportunities to be that which we wish to be in life every moment: courageous, loving, open….”

I really loved reading this today and offer if to my readers. What opportunities have been showing up for you to take a risk; to be a way you’ve never been before? For me, I think it’s to be someone who is daring to have what I want in the face of circumstances I DO NOT like particularly with men. Being uncomfortable. Thinking maybe I don’t/won’t like him that way. Etc.

Had a lovely date yesterday with a friend who adores me. I tend to be judgmental of the ones who really truly adore me. I make it about me and what I am looking for. I could come from, as Cat suggests, how extraordinary men are being with me and just be with that. I got that yesterday. I didn’t take the risk yet but I opened the door to it.