Videos of Protest Can Be Healing – Context is Everything! #Ferguson

Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”
― Henry David Thoreau

“Your silence will not protect you.”
― Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches

#Ferguson: On Peaceful Protest and Democracy

Fatigue. Yes, we’ve all been experience attention economy fatigue with videos of police brutality, killing, tear gas, and assaults as well as resistance and disobedience in the name of justice. But we are still biological beings in a social ecology. If that social ecology lacks trust, does not feel fit and serve our needs, we suffer and fatigue comes. You must care for self to be able to hold such visual struggle for long. Take a break OR find a video  that is like a balm in Gilead. THIS!!

Music by Mt. Eden “Oh That I Had”

The Best Match for a Burning Question

I am a fan of fire starter, passion expert Danielle LaPorte.  The former name of Danielle’s blog WHITE HOT TRUTH caught my attention back in April 2010 after our lives got connected as contributors to an ebook honoring International Women’s Day titled What’s Dying to Be Born. Editor Lianne Raymond wanted to curate a womanist version of Seth Godin’s What Matters Now for the new decade.

Last week, she released her latest book of sermons on word, life, love, cash, desire, time and soul. The Fire Starter Sessions is next on my list to buy…once I get the cash.

This morning I got my latest email from Danielle with one ask this morning:

ANSWER THE BURNING QUESTION: What money resentments do you have…that you could let go of?

How fitting!


The last three months I have been enduring a divorce and my biggest complaint since I left: my marriage sucked the life out of my cash flow. Following Brene Brown’s lead in her 2012 TED Talk I am letting my vulnerability shine through storytelling. I found the love of my life. Married him. Discovered we were not compatible after all. And am divorcing him.

Believe it or not, that is a vulnerable story for me. Why? It didn’t involve any drama. And there’s been a lot of drama. Being straight and accepting the simplest truth is real vulnerability right now.


Danielle insisted in her blog post this morning to listen to my inner voice of autonomy when she wrote:

Sisters doin’ it for themselves, heard on high.

Whatever money thorn you might have in your side could be affecting your entire money flow. Locate it.

I’ve been blaming myself for failing at marriage. My ego at work. But that work can’t change my cash flow. Never has and never will.

Resentment ruled 3 months of my life suffering from thoughts of failure and the perceived loss of love after a VERY public romance that started on Facebook. Time to let go.


That thorn made me a victim in a really bad nightmare. And you know what? I am starting to realize the blessing it has been for me to start my life again. I am on a journey, a true discovery, unleashing my skills, my capacities and the best of what I bring to the party. My ego was suffering (so what!). I am a damn great teacher (ask my students) and that’s what’s so, baby!

My coach just impressed upon how humans’ biology can shift:

“Language is physics. Say it and move in that direction. Freedom is there.”

So today I declare in action my morality in motion. Moving past suffering to shift my own gears. I made a mistake. That’s it. And what I do from here defines the morality of my existence. The past is … just the past. I can bring no change to that. I can bring it to the future.

So what’s next, you might ask? I’m not saying. Shut up and publish. Shut up and produce. That’s my motto.

I am an amazing speaker (gave a successful talk for SAP Marketing event in March). I am an award-winning writer and a singer-songwriter. I got a P-H-and-D in hip-hop and anthropology. Oh, yeah, and I am a TEDFellow. And none of those accomplishments and the skills that led to them were ever sucked out of me by marriage or anything else. That was all simply action or no action, not a failure.

I am the best match for setting my world on fire.


So what’s your answer to Danielle’s burning question of the day: What money resentments do you have…that you could let go of?

What could you share right now that you could let go of today?

Kyra D. Gaunt, Ph.D. | KyraocityWorks
2009 TED Fellow, Author, Coach, Singer-Songwriter aka Professor G
Voicing “the unspoken” through song, scholarship & social media

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Rethinking Intimacy

I had a great experience of sadness today. Just being with that I was truly sad and shared it with a friend. True intimacy emerged. Intimacy still is so often collapsed with sex and physical interaction. Found a great article on intimacy and boundaries. (Photo from Intimacy: The Sensual Essence of Flowers by Joyce Tenneson)

“Most of us are much more hurt when our feelings are [not returned or are disrespected] than when our behaviors are criticized. This is especially true about our hidden desires for someone to nurture us. In an intimate relationship, this is the experiential truth that is most risky to show. When we reveal our dependence on the other person, criticism can feel devastating.

[Sometimes] We’ve lost some hope that we can immediately experience that tender connection. When this happens, we can’t let go of the pain unless we have the capacity to mourn. When we have to pull back and rely on ourselves alone, it’s important to feel sad. Many of us do not do this well because we have a sense of shame about sadness. And because we’re blocked from feeling sad, we’re often blocked from pulling back into our own frame of reference. Healthy sadness is an essential tool for deepening intimacy. It allows us to lessen our risks because it allows us to separate emotionally when we need to.” Bryce Kaye

Can you tell me
…….your darkest secret

and share about
………the greatest meal
you’ll never have?

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