YouTube’s 10th Anniversary!! April 23, 2005 – 2015

People are more likely to search for specific books in which they are actively interested and that justify all of that effort of reading them. Electronic images and sounds, however, thrust themselves into people’s environments, and the messages are received with little effort. In a sense, people must go after print messages, but electronic messages reach out and touch people. People will expose themselves to information in electronic media that they would never bother to read about in a book.    ~~ Joshua Meyrowitz, “The Merging of Public Spheres,” No Sense of Place: The Impact of Electronic Media on Social Behavior, Oxford University Press (1985).


On February 14th, 2005, YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, who formerly worked for PayPal. The first video Me at the Zoo was uploaded and published on April 23, 2005. From that moment on everything changed for video online. No more waiting forever for videos to upload on dialup connections or other. YouTube allowed video to be easily stored and shared and you could comment on others’ user generated content. You could post for free on the platform. The first viral video on YouTube was the Hey Clip by Israeli YouTuber Tasha and her best friend dancing in her bedroom lipsyncing a birthday wish to her boyfriend to the sounds of The Pixies. Stay tuned and there’ll be a great bonus for the real YouTube fans at the end.



The Hey Clip video has been viewed over 34 million times. My data collection of 800+ videos of over 1000 girls has collectively only 43 million views. Imagine over 600+ Superdome stadiums to full seating capacity, in either case. Black girls are lip syncing but with the narratives of their booty popping — kinetic orality that tops MIley Cyrus’s tail with no tale.


The YouTube Massive

Today, YouTube has over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute. That’s 5 hours uploaded every second of the day. It gets over 1 billion unique visitors a month. It is a massive archive, popular culture network, a TV, a how-to service, a community of creators, and, of course for many a risky graveyard full of future nightmares waiting to happen. The digital persistence of video means our personal media will linger on well past the shelf life of our adolescence (chronological or otherwise), including the stupid jokes, pranks and aggressive acts of hatred or sexism that we once thought was merely funny or might go viral. MIllions of those moments did not.

We all probably gave up lots of personal ID markers that might allow a future college or prospective employer to search and never tell on Google. (Aside: I also learned last night that Google Trends now can filter searches to YouTube videos.) We may lose a prospective and a future job ten years from now for something we did 10 years earlier. A 72-year old Canadian high school drama teacher, who made in film 40 years before YouTube ever existed, was terminated from a position she held for years because of the online publicity of her experience 50 years earlier. It was made public online last June 2014. We are all not ready for the persistent, searchable nature of the contents of the world’s largest video archive and the second-most popular search engine in the world. You can run but you won’t be able to hide. Yes, the Bedroom Intruder is for real, yo!!  It’s Google!


YouTubeSpaceNY Kids


Last night, I attended an event at YouTubeSpaceNY on the new YouTube Kids app. I learned A LOT. Got a number of new ideas for my channel and getting the word out about the CSI work my students and I have been doing around my 800+ twerking videos. That’s 150 hours watched of black girls twerking from the “privacy” of their bedrooms on YouTube. 150 years after the 13th Amendment…but that’s a story for another post.  I hope my students and I will make a video tomorrow in honor of the 10th anniversary and upload it as I can bet lots of YouTubers will be vlogging about it in some way or manner.

Most of my students were 8 years old 10 years ago. Many of the videos in my data collection that most concern us are 8 year olds. So we might make a video about what kinds of things you were doing at 8 compared to now online. In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive YouTube Spotlight video. It describes the community part of YouTube to a “T”.


Happy Anniversary YouTube and the YouTube Nation!!


YouTubeKids Cupcakes

Ten years ago was a big year online and it was also a big year in the history of twerking. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in Dec of 2005. Much to commemorate with the #blacklivesmatter campaigns that might not have been possible in the way they have been without online video and social media platforms.

And just for a treat, the first black viral YouTube star Tay Zonday! We love our black people to be stuck in a stereotype. This is like the Don’t Worry Be Happy of YouTube. Enjoy!


So now, for the bonus!!

The presentation from last night’s YouTubeSpaceNY event about the new YouTube Kids App. This content should appeal to you hard-core YouTubers or up-and-coming vloggers, esp. those interested in the family and kid-friendly spaces of YouTube. Click on the pic on the YouTube Anniversary to access the bonus content.

YouTube Kids PPT


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