Useful YouTube Tips…Disable Suggested/Related Videos Grid

I found this useful info on the website of my alma mater University of Michigan. I’m working on the video documentary for The Black Girls YouTube Project on twerking. I have a bunch of screen shots of the grid of related or suggested videos that always comes up at the end of any video. I’m using the shots to show how race shows up in algorithms about black youtube videos.

Sometimes I find these suggestions obnoxious. Maybe you do, too. If so, here’s how to disable them even in videos already embedded on your blogs or  whereever you have access to the HTML code.
Thanks U of M website!!

YouTube Videos – How to Control Suggested Videos at End


You may have noticed on YouTube, that after the video you’re watching ends, the player window shows a grid of “suggested videos.” These video suggestions are chosen automatically from the entirety of YouTube’s public video collection by their proprietary suggestion algorithm.

The channel owners have no control over the suggestions. In the first example, from the primary U-M YouTube account, you can see some suggestions from our channel, a paid commercial placement, and others from non U-M YouTube channels.

These “suggested videos” also appear at the end of embedded videos (YouTube videos on your own site) by default. This can sometimes lead to unwanted or inappropriate suggestions. The good news is that this behavior can be disabled.


  • Each time you generate embed code for a video, you will want to uncheck the box for “Show suggested videos when the video finishes.”
  • If you already have videos embedded on your site, it is easy to disable suggested videos without having to regenerate the embed code. Simply add ?rel=0 after the URL and before the close quote. Above and to the right is an example highlighting the checkbox as well as the location for the code snippet.


A Rough Cut of our Collaborative Video on Twerking
Got some reveals coming for the documentary which are SOOOooo exciting!!
Keep watching. It’s coming very soon!!

Kyraocity Rocks!!

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