Useful YouTube Videos…Get Your Gadget Freak On!

Since 2007, YouTube has provided so many pleasures and resources. When I taught my YouTube twerking class, Anthropological Analysis ANT4800, we had a conversation which I recorded somewhere about what YouTube is for you. One student said it was her math tutor. Another said it was her TV. For me, YouTube is my go-to for problems. I once bought a bottle of German beer with a cork and for the life of me this black woman had no clue how to pop the cork?!?!! So I searched it on YouTube. Low and behold this guy made a 50-second YouTube video for it. Saved my night! It was all in the indentations from the cage surrounding the cork. Who woulda thunk??!

So today I ran across an amazing BuzzFeed video on Everyday Technology You’re Using Wrong with some neat, useful tricks for watching YouTube videos. Did you know you can use the number keys to review or scrub any video?? Know ya know! Check it out these gizmo techniques!! #blackgirlsyoutube

Why? cuz’ Kyraocity Rocks!


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