Suicide Rate among Black Males (15-24) Doubled Since 1980 While Global Suicide Rate Exceeds War and Murder

The suicide rate among young Black men has doubled since 1980, making it the third leading cause of death among Black males ages 15 to 24 according to Joseph Williams at And the problem afflicts both youth at-risk youth and men from affluent, intact families. Check out his article on the suicide watch for black males.

The suicides of James Dungy, 18, son of NFL coach Tony Dungy, in 2005, and Randy Parker, 23, stepson of legendary rapper KRS-One, last July, have sounded an alarm, says Dr. Annelle B. Primm of the American Psychiatric Association. “Young Black men are looked upon in a negative way that corrodes their self-esteem and self-value,” she says. “That translates into a sense of hopelessness.”

This trend, the increasing rate of suicide among men is a global trend not exclusive to the black US community. The global suicide rate for men has been alarming since 1950 according to the World Health Organization – WHO (See WHO chart “Evolution 1950-2000 of global suicide rates per 100,000”).

Something about gender is off, is not working, around the world but we all gotta start where we are to make a difference. I live and am part of the black community. What I am not being responsible for is that those saggin’ pants I am complaining about… they are the likely victims of violence at their own hands or others. Who am I in the matter? Who are you?

THIS WEEK: I am focusing on how gender issues are impacting public health concerns and well-being.

What’s the worst in all this? According to a 2004 report by the World Health Organization

Suicide kills more people each year than road traffic accidents in most European countries….And globally, suicide takes more lives than murder and war put together, says the agency in a call for action.


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