PLAY: LOSING THE LIGHT (An American Male Perspective)

My dear friend and neighbor in Crown Heights Brooklyn invites folks to check out the play LOSING THE LIGHT (An American Male Perspective) playing at the Billie Holiday Theater on Fulton. He’s made $8 tickets available for his guests at the door this Thu Mar 20th at 8pm. Tell them you are with the “Richard Barclift Theater Group” at the door. Otherwise you can buy tickets at

LOSING THE LIGHT is insightful, funny, and provocative, and is perfect for audiences of teenagers and up. Watch as heartbreak brings four friends together in an isolated cabin where they all learn the value of the truth as their emotions run rampant and they open up to each other in ways they never have before. Will the truth threaten their friendships or will it help them to emerge as stronger black men?

This compelling comedy/drama will take place in the elegant 200-seat Billie Holiday Theatre, named after the legendary singer Billie Holiday, which has served as the training ground for notable aspiring theater professionals.

Described as a theatre with a “soul and a mission,” this intimate performance space has produced special programs that address social issues of concern and interest to the African-American and Caribbean-American communities.


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