Create your own nation, Design your own owner’s manual

I sent a thank you to all the new members on our Success with the Opposite Sex group and posted the following message to them. It’s perfect for our blog too and posted below. Before that, I want to share some thoughts from a newcomer who attended last month’s event.

I wanted to tell you how moved, touched and changed I felt after the last gathering. As I shared with everyone that night; for the last four years I have only held real deep communication with the men in my family, colleagues at work and my therapist–and not to minimize him, but also my gay best friend. Wow, man have I been missing out–what a great non threatening way to get back into practice without any pressure.

Thank you for creating such a simple, profound way for men and women to connect beyond the superficial. See you on the 2nd.

Our next event is on November 2nd
You’ll need a notebook or bring your own journal/diary
You may also want to bring your favorite pen or writing utensil


For those who don’t know I am a professor of music and anthropology. Today I taught about political systems in my cultural anthro intro. I am having my students play a game called CREATE YOUR OWN NATION based on a website I found. An author found a creative way to advertise her political novel that is being marketed by a simluation game called NATION STATES.
NationStates is a free nation simulation game. Build a nation and run it according to your own warped political ideals. Create a Utopian paradise for society’s less fortunate or a totalitarian corporate police state. Care for your people or deliberately oppress them. Join the United Nations or remain a rogue state. It’s really up to you.

This got me thinking. If you could create a NEW owner’s manual for yourself, like create it from scratch, how would your life run? How would your relationships operate? What would you be creating in your relationships?

In the nationstates simulation game (which is free if you’re interested), you create your own nation, your nation’s motto, flag, style of government, etc. We might do some collaging of the motto and flag, or said from an entrepreneurial perspective, we might collage your brand name and logo, to get started on your owner’s manual at November’s event.

Your owner’s manual in this day an age might be a podcast, a video, or a visual display. Doesn’t have to be literate communication, you know.

Something to think about and entice you to come on Nov 2 ladies and gentlemen!
Come out and stake your flag for the world to see what impossible dreams you are out to fulfill in relationship!

Best, Kyra


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