About Dr. Gaunt

I am what time, circumstance, history, have made of me, certainly, but I am also, much more than that. So are we all.
– James Baldwin


This is the blog of TED Fellow, award-winning author, performer, and Badass Teacher
Dr. Kyra Gaunt, Ph.D.
Pretty in Purple July 2013

Students have called her “Professor G” for her “new jack pedagogy” a fusion designed from respect, her improvisation skills as a performer, and a deep desire to get people out of their heads and out of their comfort zones through curiosity, connection and collaboration.

THREE-POINT PLAN: She has a three-point plan as a Badass Teacher (BATs in Higher Education and beyond):

  1. To empower emerging adults (13-27) to own their own greatness;
  2. To change the ratio and reverse the brain-drain of black and Latino girls/women of color in content creation so they can secure their own hoods;
  3. To become “the” go-to expert on gender and sexism in mobile learning and the ed tech sector

Ultimately, black and latino girls and women should be able hack, track, and secure all the conditions that threaten their existence in the hood.

I help girls and women secure their own personhood, adulthood and neighborhood with a mobile maker movement of learning and sharing.

Buy her award-winning and NYUP best-selling book The Games Black Girls Play: Learning the Ropes from Double-Dutch to Hip-Hop and taste the inspiration of her word and thought. She’s currently seeking international publishers. Any connections are welcome! Also purchase her R&B CD of originals available on iTunes and CDBaby.



During 15 years as an educator, Dr. Gaunt puts students-as-emerging-adults at the center of learning not books. Then she uses innovative practices to up-end inequalities and silences in hip-hop studies emphasizing race, gender and the body politics as well as teaching ethnomusicology, anthropology, sociology, political sociology, anti-racism courses and skills, and her latest field of inquiry, digital ethnography on YouTube. Her current research explores girls (and guys) as content creators who can hollaback at sexist hip-hop videos by VEVO and broadcast their own growth and development online. #changetheratio

What is Emerging Adulthood?

Emerging adulthood is that phase of life between adolescence and full-fledged Integrated School of Girlsadulthood, a term coined by Jeffrey Arnett (2000). A little adolescence is lurking in most of those who call themselves “adult”.  So we all need to manage up ambitiously.  That’s where social innovation and mobile learning comes in.  #thetruthisathand

I mentor and empower emerging adults of all ages to own their own greatness.


Using all this experience with social media, discourse training, apps, and various social innovation, she also coaches. Dr. Gaunt has coached hundreds of emerging adults from dozens of countries demand excellence from themselves and offer reciprocity in the college classroom and in their own lives negotiating the transition into adulthood with freedom and ease. The goal for every adult should be to learn how to adapt to and be sovereign “in” rather than “over” your biology, sociology, and environment. And to keep it light, in the palm of your hand, with apps and open tech. #21stcentury #enlightenment


Speaking at the opening ceremony of ISFiT in Trondheim, 2011.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of ISFiT in Trondheim, 2011.

She has been sought after as a speaker (who performs too) around the world. She’s been invited to speak at a TEDx event in Beijing, China with students from Paris to Poland, to over 2000 students in Tronheim, Norway at the largest international festival for and run-by students touching emerging adults from Africa, Australia, Asia and Latin America, and to one hundred select students in Moldova (one of the poorest countries in Europe) not to mention her work at private boarding schools and universities in the States and Canada.



For speaking engagements, workshops, and coaching price plans:, email kyraocityworks@gmail.com

11 thoughts on “About Dr. Gaunt

  1. Hello, My name is Alexis Gaunt and before now I have never came across another African American with the same last name as me. Do you know if you have any family in the Washington, D.C. area? I know I have relatives who live in NY but my family and I were disconnected from them so time ago.

    • Where in Rockville?? My mom & aunt live in Lincoln Park near Rockville metro. May I ask are you of African descent?

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